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Honorary Members
Honorary  Membership is  bestowed by the committee of the day to anyone who, by  reason  of  position, experience, eminence or worthines is deemed worthy.

February 2013, five honorary members with Richard Honey (CPA chairman 2012-13)
from left to right, Michael Orlick, George Bartlett QC, Michael Humphries QC, Emrys Parry, (Richard Honey), and Stan Edwards

Honorary Members

Keith Murray (2020)
Odell Milne (2020)
Barry Denyer - Green (2019)
Robert Segall (2018)
Phil Maude (2018)
Sir Jeremy Sullivan (2016)
Archie Rintoul (2016)
Doug Hummell (2016)
Colin Smith (2014)
Rt Hon Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill CVO (2013)
Michael Humphries QC (2013)
George Bartlett QC (2013)
Michael Orlick (2013)
Stan Edwards (2013)
Emrys Parry (2011)
Stephen Bowman (deceased)
Tony Johnson (deceased)

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