Scottish Compulsory Purchase Association

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The Compulsory Purchase Association in Scotland
The Compulsory Purchase Association Scotland (CPAS) represents the interests of CPA in Scotland.

The Compulsory Purchase Association is a not for profit member organisation that promotes best and effective practice in the delivery of land for infrastructure, housing and regeneration through the use of compulsory purchase powers. Its members represent both acquiring authorities and claimants affected by compulsory acquisition, and come from a range of professional disciplines involved in the compulsory purchase process, including chartered surveyors, lawyers, barristers, forensic accountants, planners and land referencers.  In that sense, it truly reflects the profession.

The CPA is a non-partisan organisation and neither supports nor opposes specific public works schemes. Its objective is to work for the public benefit in relation to compulsory purchase and compensation in all its forms. It seeks to promote the highest professional standards amongst practitioners at all levels, and to ensure that the legal framework for compulsory purchase and compensation is clear, fair and effective.

Affected by a CPO?
If you are effected by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), then you can click here and review some of the documents we have prepared to help you decide what to do. The CPA cannot provide professional advice, and we cannot enter into any commentary to help you. But our members potentially can help you. The CPA is a member interest organisation, and we do not assess our members' expertise, knowledge or experience.

Want to become a member?
The CPA has over 700 members, with over 50 Scottish members. New members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining, click here to see why you should.

The CPA has a separate site for England and Wales. Click here to visit.   

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