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Membership Accouncements

CPA Membership Update 2021
With membership renewals now due, what you can expect from the CPA?

In 2020:
Despite the impact of COVID on work, society and all of us personally, it is no surprise that it impacted on our association, but only on our ability to meet and run events. Having initially postponed events, we are now settled on virtual meetings and conferences, at least until it is safe to go back to meeting in person.

What has been less visible is that the CPA has continued to engage with the UK, Welsh and Scottish Governments and their departments and the Upper Tribunal, on best practice and legislative reforms. Our Land Compensation Claims Protocol is now referred to in the Upper Tribunal Practice Directions. These have just been published, and will raise standards, since they are now effectively part of the framework that can be referred to as best practice.

In 2021:
The CPA is looking ahead to a demanding year for the Association. Given the desire of Government to invest and bring forward infrastructure projects, there will be increased and continued demand for our professional skills.

  • There are significant desires from the various governments to bring forward legislative reforms; in Wales there are a raft of reform papers out for consultation, there are draft reforms expected in England; and the Scottish Government has just consulted on the merging of the Lands Tribunal in Scotland and the Scottish Land Commission.
  • We also have a meaty review document published by the Department for Transport on the workings and engagement strategies for HS2.
  • You will be informed as members on these by newsletters and when appropriate, direct email.

  • We have a programme of over a dozen core events for 2021. Such events will continue to run virtually until it is safe to return to meeting in person.
  • We have agreed to offer a free event to Wales, Scotland and England as part of your membership package.
  • Where there is an event charge, members will always get a discounted rate over non members.
  • Should you attend one free event and 2 discounted events your savings will have paid for your membership. The same balance if you attend two free events.
  • Members will also get the newsletters, the job vacancy service, and the kudos of being able to say you are a member of the professional body that represents and promotes best practice in the CPO world.
  • The CPA calendar of events is continually updated on the website.

CPA Governance:
  • We have an effective governance model that relies on low membership fees, a profitable national conference and delivers other cost effective events. It remains a sustainable model for a not for profit association. However, we are reliant on good attendances at our events.
  • A strong membership is the key to promoting reform of CPO law and practice – for propagating changes, and to encourage key stakeholders and legislators in our industry to embrace reforms.

The CPA works because of the patronage of its members, and our success, and indeed what we can achieve for, and on behalf of, members, is directly linked to our membership base. It is therefore our desire to continue to grow the membership.

We thank you for your continued support in being part of the CPA and invite you to assist us by encouraging colleagues, peers to join The CPA.

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